What Causes Clutch Stiffening?

  Clutch is a system used for easy shifting and for forced braking of the vehicle. Failure of this system means that the vehicle is no longer functioning. Clutch can be soft and hard on some vehicles. This may be caused by the manufacturer of the vehicle as well as the cause of the malfunction. Hardening of the vehicle's clutch system indicates low or excess hydraulic oil. This system has a mechanism that adjusts its softness and hardness. Clutch Bearing Malfunction Thanks to the clutch bearing mechanism, it can adjust the stiffness of the clutch as much as it wants. If the clutch is stiff, the bearing is dead. The vehicle makes you feel the fault while driving. For example, your car, which can accelerate to 180 km / h in 5th gear, cannot reach this speed due to Clutch Bearing Failure and may be stuck at 120-130 km / h. Replacing a bearing can cost you dearly. Of course, the end is not limited to this. The vehicle may also display a loud drive problem in 5th gear.